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Could Tennis Be the Perfect Exercise?

November 26, 2019
Could Tennis Be the Perfect Exercise?

What do you get when you mix cardio, strength training and interval training?

The perfect workout.

And where do Jordan Ranch residents get that?

On the tennis court.

The Shed amenity complex includes two lighted tennis courts open for play daily. There’s even a Tennis Club that meets each Monday for friendly competition and camaraderie. There are added benefits as well:

A Happy Heart — Literally
Tennis involves quick sprints — and if you’re playing a full match, you could be quickly sprinting for easily two hours. This gets your heart pumping, and as you play more and more, you’ll find that your resting heart rate lowers, your blood pressure lowers and your risk for heart attack, stroke and heart disease lowers.

Bye Bye Body Fat
The constant movement of tennis is a great calorie burner, with a single hour capable of burning 400 to 600 calories.

Better Balance
With tennis, you’re not running straight ahead or just swinging your arms. Tennis is a total body workout involving your legs, arms, hands and core all working in sync. The more proficient you become in tennis the more your balance and flexibility increase.

Toned Muscles
There’s plenty of muscle work in tennis as you run, stop, jump, crouch down and hit backhands and forehands. Your legs, shoulders, arms, back and core will all be thanking you.

Feed Your Brain
You have to do more than hit a ball when you play tennis — you need to think tactically and creatively, as well as have an understanding of physics and geometry. How do I have to hit the ball to land it in the far right corner?  And you have to make these decisions in a split second, all of which is good exercise for the brain.

Are you lucky enough to have tennis courts where you live? If not, check out available homes in Jordan Ranch. Not only will you get free access to our courts, but a host of other amenities, too!

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