sunset farm in fulshear
Sunset Farm in Fulshear


Unique to Jordan Ranch, our master planned on-site community farm is our favorite way to get our fruits and veggies. Fresh-picked and delicious, Sunset Farm in Fulshear was planned and planted by Agmenity, a Houston-based company known for their garden and farm designs that emphasize fresh and healthy produce, close to home. And with our very own master planned community farm, we’re reminded every day that we’re never too old to roll up our sleeves and play in the dirt!

Across 1.5 acres of vegetable plants, fruit trees and berry vines, residents are invited to enjoy the community harvest at every opportunity. Fresh vegetables are always available via the self-serve “Grab-and-Go” cooler that is freshly stocked every day, or visit on Saturday mornings for the weekly Farm Stand. We’ve also added an on-site playground, so bring the kids and make it an outing the whole family will look forward to each week.

Taking cues from the season’s natural produce stars, you can find a rainbow of farm-fresh ingredients for your next meal. Sunset Farm grows veggies 365 days-a-year and depending on the season, you can find broccoli, cauliflower, kale, squash, okra, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, onions, beets and dill. It’s like having a farmers’ market in your own backyard. Need a little extra inspiration? Our two on-site farmers are a bounty of knowledge and love to talk with residents about what is happening on the farm, answer questions, and share recipe ideas that turn the week’s bounty into a standout meal!

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Fresh Pickings

sunset farm in fulshear


Keeping up with a community farm is a full-time job – and our two on-site farmers can vouch for that! Equipped with green thumbs and sunny dispositions, they till the soil, oversee our seasonal plantings, nourish seedlings, tend to growing crops, and harvest the bounty when things are perfectly ripe. They’re also always happy to stop and have a chat or show you what they’re up to here at Sunset Farm, so stop by and show love to our farm any time!

sunset farm in fulshear


Sunset Farm is here for us to enjoy, and our lifestyle team works with our farmers to make it an invaluable part of our programming at Jordan Ranch. Whenever you see a farm-to-table dinner or pizza night, the fresh ingredients come right from our farm. For residents keen on learning a thing or two about gardening, be it planting home produce or cooking with seasonal ingredients, there are volunteer and educational experiences open to all.

Can’t wait to check out Sunset Farm? Just mark your calendar for Saturday mornings. Our weekly farmstand is open from 9 a.m. until noon, and all are welcome – both residents and non-resident visitors. See you around the farm real soon!

sunset farm in fulshear


Beyond our community, our produce is a part of many lives:

  • Sold to locals and visitors through the weekly farm stand
  •  Purchased by some of Houston’s finest restaurants, including UB Preserv, Squable, Ostio-Theodore Rex, Nancy’s Hustle and Tiny Champions
  • Used in community events
  • Donated through local organizations who help those in need — If you work with an organization or have ideas for donations, please reach out to the farm team.