fall on sunset farm

We Love Fall on Sunset Farm

Fall on Sunset Farm is special. Maybe it’s cooler weather. Maybe it’s the rows of tasty, freshly harvested fall veggies on display at our weekly Farm Stand at our planned community farm. Whatever the reason, we are looking forward to the changing season. Here’s a brief look at what’s happening right now at Sunset Farm

The weather is still a bit warm which means our farmers are reaping the last of the summer crops before preparing the soil for fall. Two items you should try before they are gone are Korean melons and long beans during fall on Sunset Farm.

The melons are brightly colored and have a unique pear-like flavor. Long beans are tasty stir-fried, steamed, roasted, sautéed, or pickled. 

While you are browsing the remaining summer crops at the Farm Stand, our farmers are hard at work in the high tunnel and greenhouse, sowing the seeds for fall. The high tunnel gives our farmers a little more control over temperatures so it’s a great place to raise delicate plants. 

Radishes and arugula have already germinated. They grow fast and should be ready for harvest in a few weeks. Farmers have also planted dill and cilantro which should pair well with fall root vegetables. 

We’re very excited to see fall vegetables sprouting. If you are too, follow the farm on Facebook to see what our farmers are planting and harvesting. You can also find out the dates for our farm tours. Farm tours are an opportunity to see what’s “growing on” at the farm.