unique thanksgiving side dishes - vegetables

Go Beyond Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean Casserole

Mashed potatoes and green bean casseroles are a staple of Thanksgiving dinners around the nation. That doesn’t mean you can’t supplement them with a variety of other tasty unique Thanksgiving side dishes. Here are some of the recipes Jordan Ranch residents whip up in their beautiful homes.

Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes:

A Cornucopia of Vegetables

Winter vegetables are filling the market (and our Sunset Farm). Keep it simple with a medley of roasted root vegetables. These glazed carrots are anything but boring. Rather than stick them in a casserole, roast those green beans and add feta, beets and walnuts. Speaking of beets, they taste deliciously poached in red wine. 

Perfect Potatoes

Skip the mash and try Hasselback potatoes instead. Try twice baking your potatoes. We like our sweet potatoes curly and with pomegranate seeds. Add some hot honey to your sweet potato salad

Cranberry Sauce Alternatives

This may be hard to believe but not everyone likes cranberry sauce. As an alternative, try this gingered fruit recipe. Chutneys can pack a punch, but this pear version is simply delightful. Pomegranates go with everything. Here are five other ideas that go great with turkey. 

Grateful Grains

Skip the stuffing and offer a side of delicious grains like this herbed wild rice dressing. Give your guests the taste of the ocean with Sea Island crab fried rice. Southern hospitality doesn’t get better than this grits dressing recipe. You can still have a casserole, just make it with broccoli and rice instead. 

Side Salads

Yes, salads are an acceptable side dish. Try this citrusy arugula salad. Put some color on your plate with this combination of squash and chickpeas. A good salad for Thanksgiving is a salad named Thanksgiving. Your guests will love this layered cornbread salad.