outdoor holiday lighting ideas

Creating Holiday Light Displays That Sparkle

We don’t mean to brag, but our residents are pretty creative when it comes to lighting up the holidays. Walking around our community you will surely see everything from cascading tree lights to giant Christmas light balls. Want to create your own? Here are some outdoor holiday lighting ideas sure to make your home glow: 

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Start With a Theme

Try to tie your outdoor decorations and lights to a single theme. It can be anything from “Classic Christmas” using festive, old-fashioned colored lights to a “Winter Wonderland” framed by an elegant mixture of white and blue icicle lights for these holiday light ideas. 

Light the Path

Line your driveway or garden path with lights to create a welcoming and enchanting entryway. For a clean and polished look, you can use stakes or embed lights in the ground. Luminaria are illuminated bags that you can create yourself by weighing down the decorative paper with rocks and then threading a strand of twinkle lights through the back of each bag.

Gingerbread House Façade

Ditch the kit and transform the front of your house into a gingerbread house using lights. Outline windows, doors and rooflines to create the appearance of a delicious gingerbread dwelling.

Giant Illuminations

Create oversized lawn ornaments using lights. This could include giant candy canes or even a Christmas tree made entirely of lights. Hang large illuminated snowflakes from tree branches or along your home’s exterior for these great outdoor holiday lighting ideas.

Project Holiday Cheer

Don’t feel like climbing a ladder to string lights? Invest in a laser light projector. In addition to helping light up a large area, they conserve electricity. They are easy to set up, usually have multiple settings and come in a variety of shapes and colors. 

Glow Up Your Trees

Wrap the trunks and branches of trees in your yard with lights to create a magical forest effect. This works especially well with large, deciduous trees. Help shrubs glow with net lights.

Frame Your Windows

Create festive window displays with holiday-themed silhouettes. Use cutouts or decals on windows, illuminated by lights from the inside.

Encourage Fun

Create an interactive element by adding a mailbox for letters to Santa or a donation box for a local charity. Encourage passersby to participate and contribute to the holiday spirit.

Animation is Key

Use programmable LED lights to create an animated light show synchronized with music. Set up speakers outside and invite neighbors to enjoy the synchronized display.

Additional Tips

  • Buy more lights than you think you will need.
  • Put safety first when it comes to installing and maintaining your display. 
  • Make sure the areas you’re decorating are accessible to outdoor outlets.
  • Don’t forget the accessories, like clips, ties extension cords, etc.
  • If you have an HOA, make sure you are following all guidelines. 

See Our Light Displays

Visit Jordan Ranch this month to see what our residents have dreamed up. Then tour our model homes. Maybe you’ll be lighting up your new home in Jordan Ranch next year!