back to school tips for parents

From Summer Fun to School Success

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end, and it’s time for kids to gear up for another school year — Aug. 14 for Jordan Ranch kids. Shifting gears from summer mode to school mode can be challenging, but with the right support, you can help set kids up for success. Here are a few back to school tips for parents: 

Back to School Tips for Parents

Get Back to Routine

Creating a structured environment will help children adapt more smoothly to the school routine once it begins. Start by moving bedtime and wake-up time 15 to 30 minutes earlier each day until they are back on track. Set specific times for meals, study, play and other activities. 

Reorganize Homework Stations

Help your kids clear summer clutter and get their desks ready for school. Here are some back to school organization tips. Pin the school calendar to a corkboard, add age-appropriate books to the shelves and make sure all electronic devices are in good working order. 

Refresh Academic Skills

Kids don’t lose the academic skills they gained during the previous school year, but they might need a refresher course. Rather than pulling out the workbooks, try to make it fun. Funbrain has great games and videos for grades 1 to 3. Scholastic has an online shop full of educational games for purchase. Common Sense Education offers free games for high school students. 

Make Time to Talk

Start talking to your kids about going back to school. Ask what they are most excited about and find out if they have any concerns. Students transitioning to kindergarten, middle school or high school may be nervous about their first few days. Reassure them and let them know you are always available to help. 

Visit a New School

If you just moved to a new neighborhood like Jordan Ranch, your kids will probably be going to a new school. Take a tour so they can get the lay of the land. Show them where the classrooms, gym, playground, cafeteria and other places of interest are so they don’t get lost. If you can meet one or more teachers that’s a plus. 

Time to Shop

Once you have the school supply list, take your kids to pick out backpacks, notebooks, binders and other essentials. Shopping for new clothes can get kids excited. Let them choose their own clothes within reason. They know what the latest trends are, but you know what you consider age-appropriate. 

Make Plans

School isn’t the only thing on your child’s calendar. Extracurricular activities are also on the schedule. Set expectations for getting homework done before or after football practice, dance class or music lessons. Avoid overscheduling your child. Let them know if their grades drop, they may have to give up an after-school activity.

Throw or Attend a Party

Throwing a back-to-school party is a great way to mark the transition from summer to school. Be sure to invite any new kids on the block. Set up a photo station and invite parents to take back-to-school photos. Send older kids on a scavenger hunt to find school supplies. Make a summertime capsule with fun items from summer vacation. Include a list of things kids hope to do next summer. It will give them something to look forward to.