home designs for entertaining

Holiday Gatherings Benefit from Open-Concept

Jordan Ranch residents are planning holiday gatherings big and small — a task made easier by their open-concept homes. Open-concept or open floor plans are the perfect party homes because their interconnected spaces make it easy for hosts and guests to mix and mingle. Here’s how your favorite holiday gatherings can benefit from open-concept home designs for entertaining.

Tree Trimming

Open-concept home designs for entertaining usually feature high ceilings, perfect for tall trees in need of trimming. Open designs are spacious enough that guests won’t be tripping over each other or ornament boxes. Invite friends and family over for hot cocoa and cookies laid out on the island to keep them fortified for the important job of decorating.

Cookie-Decorating Party

The time-honored tradition of gathering to bake and decorate cookies is as easy as pie in open-concept homes. With the kitchen open to the family and dining areas, cookie bakers can keep tabs on young decorators. Place plates of cookies on the island so guests can grab them and take them to dining area for icing and sprinkles. Pass out the finished treats to adults conversing in the family room.  

Gift-Wrapping Party

Open concept floor plans in Jordan Ranch have big, beautiful windows — perfect for holding gift-wrapping parties while the kids are at school. Have everyone bring enough wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags to share. Lay them out on the island so it’s easy to pick your favorite paper and wrap gifts at the dining coffee tables. 

Holiday Buffet

The easiest way to feed a crowd is by setting up a holiday buffet. Load up the island with bacon, eggs, French toast and other goodies for a buffet breakfast (perfect for late risers). Don’t have a formal dining room? No worries. An open floor plan means you won’t have to send guests to separate rooms to accommodate all of them. Lay out a buffet, push back the furniture, add an extra leaf to the dining table and move it to the family room. Or set up small tables and let guests sit where they want. 

Cocktail Parties

Planning a New Year’s Eve Bash? Nothing easier. You can rent round cocktail tables for guests, lay appetizers on the dining table and turn the island into a bar. Not only will you have plenty of room, but guests can also easily move from the food to conversational groupings.