Celebrate with Coffee-Infused Recipes

Is there anything better on a cold, wintery day than a steaming cup of coffee? How about baked goods, main dishes and desserts using it as an ingredient? We’ve put together a list of coffee-related recipes guaranteed to kick your holidays up a notch. Don’t have a coffee maker? Tour any or all nine of our model homes from now through December and you could win a Nespresso® coffee maker. Even if you don’t win, stop by to pick up your Jordan Ranch coffee mug.

Morning Coffee Breads

Weekend guests will love your caffeine-inspired baked goods starting with what else — coffee cake. Try Trisha Yearwood’s delectable Coffee Coffee Cake with your favorite flavored brew. Serving up a holiday brunch? Don’t forget the waffles. We suggest these coffee-flavored Belgian waffles. Need a quick breakfast before hitting the mall for some holiday shopping? Macheesmo has you covered with these mocha muffins.

Holiday Coffee Snacks

The holidays are a busy time, and you need to keep your strength up, right? Bake up a batch of Betty Crocker Café Coffee Cookies to enjoy when you’ve got some downtime. If you’d like to bring something a little different to the annual cookies exchange, Taste of Home offers up Cafe Mocha Pinwheels or White Chocolate-Cappuccino Cookies. Sure, it’s winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t have ice cream. These Mocha-Pecan Ice Cream Bonbons are easy to make but maybe not so easy to hide from the kids.

Cocktail Party Coffee

Sure, you could offer your guests an Irish coffee but why not demonstrate your bartending skills? Epicurious’s Hot White Russian will warm up your party with Kalua and cream. Guests are sure to approve of this Espresso Old Fashioned concocted by Bon Appetit. If you really want to impress, take a cue from Kansas City bartender Nicholas Boden and serve up this elegant Italian Chocolate Martini.

Caffeinated Main Dishes

Adding coffee to your brine before you smoke the Thanksgiving turkey adds a layer of complexity and deliciousness. If you don’t believe us, try this slow-smoked turkey glazed with cane syrup and coffee by Food & Wine. Feeding out-of-town family members can be tricky, but they are sure to devour coffee rubbed rib eye or short ribs braised in a coffee ancho chile sauce. Instead of turkey for Christmas showcase your culinary skills with this glorious three ingredient prime rib roast.

Side Dishes

Coffee isn’t just for main dishes. You can add interest to your table with one or more of these side dishes. Green salad and coffee? It doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven — until you try Bon Appetit’s grilled green salad with coffee vinaigrette. Don’t throw out the leftover morning coffee, use it to make this Livestrong Spent Coffee and Salt Baked Heirloom Carrots recipe. Need comfort food along with your Christmas Eve dinner? Try a risotto with capers and espresso.

Coffee Desserts      

A delicious holiday meal requires a showstopper of dessert. Replace traditional pies with these exquisite offerings. There is nothing more impressive than a warm souffle, so break out the ramekins and whip up these bittersweet chocolate ones. Crème Brûlée is an elegant finish to any meal and your guests will eat up this coffee and caramel version. Admittedly, children might not be impressed with your grown-up desserts. Treat them to this coffee “s’mores” pie. Don’t worry, it won’t keep them up past their bedtime.

After-Dinner Coffee

Everyone enjoys an after-dinner coffee or drink. Combining the two just makes sense. Now is the time to break out the Irish Coffee but instead of going hot, why not try cold with this frozen Irish Coffee recipe from the Washington Post? Martinis are a traditional before-dinner indulgence, but if you aren’t traditional, add some ice cream and delight your guests with an Affogato Martini from Brit + Co. Amaro is a favored liqueur that tastes even better in this Bon Appetit Siciliano. Hot chocolate isn’t just for kids, and if you plan to go caroling after dinner, warm up with a boozy, caffeinated hot chocolate.