Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Winter is almost over. Is your garden prepped and ready for spring? Not sure where to start? We have a few tips. Don’t have a green thumb? Make the move to Jordan Ranch. Our Sunset Farm produces plenty of herbs and vegetables, so you can put homegrown produce on your table without the labor.

Clear Away Winter

Your garden is probably full of dead leaves, overgrown perennials and weeds. Time to clean it up. Clear your borders and beds back to clear soil. Cut back overgrown deciduous grasses and perennials. Pay attention to those weeds. Remove all you can see and either put them in the trash or burn them. Don’t compost them as they are sure to germinate.

Hunt Down Garden Pests

Did you know that many garden pests hibernate? Get a jump on keeping your new green shoots happy and healthy by eliminating them before they become a problem. Be careful not to get rid of bugs that are beneficial to your plants. If you aren’t sure which is which, ask an expert.

Sharpen Those Tools

Gardening tools need to be maintained, otherwise they can introduce bacteria and fungi into your garden. It’s no fun to trying to till the soil with a dull trowel either. Clean your tools with a strong detergent and hot water. Sharpen your tools using a whetstone or file.

Turn Over the Soil

During the winter, your soil gets compacted, so you need to loosen it up. Use a tiller or a spade. Gardening experts suggest working the soil to a depth of 12 to 14 inches. You can mix well-compacted mulch or leaf litter into the soil. Once you’ve done this, add soil nutrients.

Choose Your Plants

Winter is a great time to think about what you want to grow. If you are planning to grow plants from seeds now is the time to order them. Seeds can be started indoors and transplanted. If you prefer to sow them directly into your garden, wait until the soil is the correct temperature. For gardening basics, check out the Gardening Basics page by the University of Houston.

Check Your Fences, Trellis and Planters

Winter is a great time to check and maintain wood fences and trellises. See if there has been any damage and replace anything broken. Clean planters with hot water and detergent to get rid of mold and mildew that could adversely affect your plants. This is also a good time to check your irrigation system and stop any leaks.

What About Compost?

If you haven’t set up a composting area, now is a good time. Build you own or buy a compost bin from your local gardening center. Put all of your green waste here, regularly turn it over with garden fork and you will have rich soil to add to your garden in no time.